Shock Doctor Gel Max Flavour Fusion Fruit Punch Red

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We have taken the best selling Gel Max mouthguard and infused it with Flavour Fusion technology. Renowned for its superior fit and protection, we have added flavours that taste great with no compromise in performance. Stay game fresh all season long and treat your mouth to some flavour every time you play.

We have created 4 awesome flavour combinations! Blue Raspberry, Fruit Punch, Orange and Lemon & Lime.

  • Flavour Fusion technology
  • High impact shock absorption jaw pads
  • Reinforced exo-skeleton
  • Ultimate custom Gel Fit Liner for superior fit
  • $10,000 dental warranty
  • CE approved
  • Case included

Shock Doctor is proud to be the Offical Mouthguard Supplier to Saracens RFC

Mouthguard size guide:

  • Youths - 11 & under
  • Adults - 12+