Master the Nunchakus

You may be inspired to buy nunchakus after watching the famous Bruce Lee films. You might even want to perfect the use of this dangerous weapon in preparation for freestyle competitions. However, you are urged to take time over the selection of nunchakus to find the most suitable for your training sessions. Consider the respective merits of the various nunchakus available from the Martial Arts Shop.

We realise that it is possible to cause significant physical harm through the irresponsible use of nunchakus. It's for this reason that we advise you to use them under the supervision of an experienced martial arts expert. You are also encouraged to start out with foam nunchakus, which are designed for complete handling safety.

Exceptional Nunchakus Available

You'll find a good variety of nunchakus in the Martial Art Shop. Here you can find a basic wooden pair, which have been designed in the traditional Shaolin style. Or perhaps you'd rather invest in a pair of high quality Actionflex nunchakus. The choice is all yours so peruse our range and order online today.

You must be over 18 years of age and a practicing Martial artist to purchase training weapons.
Use of Martial arts Training Weapons can involve serious risk, including injury, disability and even death.
Weapons are sold for display purpose and/or for Kata training, for demonstrating techniques and forms ONLY.
Always ensure strict professional supervision.
Regularly inspect the item to ensure perfect condition before use.
NEVER use weapons for contact sparring. - User assumes all risk of injury