Judo Suits

Tough and Durable Judo Suits

It's very important to spend time over the selection of a judo suit, traditionally known as the Judo gi. You may want to purchase a tight fitting gi, which will be difficult for your opponent to grip. Alternatively you could buy a loose fitting gi and enjoy more freedom of movement. If you're planning on taking part in competitions then you should look for judo suits that have been approved by the IJF. The Adidas Champion Gi – available here - would be a smart choice.

Judo Suits of Exceptional Quality

You'll find an extensive variety of judo suits in our online store. We are offering a discount on the popular Adidas Champion Gi and there's also the surprisingly comfortable Black Blitz judo suit, which is worn by instructors all over the world. If you're keen for your children to have the best possible chance in the judo arena then it would be worth investing in the Blitz child's suit.

We are very confident regarding the pricing and overall quality of every single judo gi at the Martial Art Shop. We even offer a lowest price guarantee, so make the sensible choice and buy from our online store today.