Blitz Plastic Dadao Kung Fu Sword

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For self-defence techniques and demonstrations
Used for full and semi contact sword sparring
Solid handle, ring pommel and detailed Tsuba
Polypropylene plastic
63cm blade and 31cm handle / 530g

Made of polypropylene plastic, the Blitz Dadao Kung Fu Sword is virtually unbreakable and a much more durable material compared to traditional wooden training aids. Designed to be the same weight, size and balance of a live blade, the Dadao Kung Fu Sword greatly reduces the risk of injury whilst training.

Used for full and semi contact sword sparring, this sword is known for being a 'machete-like' design; with a wide and heavy blade and, with forward balance for powerful cuts that, specialises in close quarters combat. Ideal for self-defence techniques and demonstrations, the sword features an incredibly detailed Tsuba and a smooth and solid handle grip with an integrated ring pommel. The blade also has one hole along the spine which, is likely used - along with the ring pommel - for a carrying strap, much like a sling, instead of a scabbard.

Easy to wipe clean before and after use. Dimensions: 63cm blade and 31cm handle. Total length: 94cm. 530g.