Telescopic Chrome Nunchaku

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Chrome with carrying case
14" open, 5.5" closed


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    Beautiful crafted

    Posted by MR OLIVER FOX on 29th Oct 2019

    Very high quality telescopic nunchucks, love the chrome look and feels very comfortable with sturdy grip would like to give 10* if I could , note to anyone purchasing these chucks!They are not a toy.

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    Very Happy with Product

    Posted by Paul Jannetta on 20th May 2019

    These sticks are excellent, though would say to anyone considering purchasing these that a high level of proficiency in using these is advised, as they are very heavy and unforgiving should the novice accidentally bop themselves on the head with them!!... Aside from that, I found them great to use, and their telescopic feature and pouch enables them to be worn inconspicuously, should one require an effective product for self defense. Also, the double ended pouch with belt loop ensures quick release, especially if the sticks are worn "chain down", as they fall out of the pouch ready to use. Great purchase, and I highly recomend them to the experienced martial artist. I

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    Very Handy

    Posted by Griff on 3rd Mar 2019

    As a martial artist I bought the blued steel version some years ago. If you are used the fixed type of weapon you need to be very careful as these are quite hefty. I recommend slowly practicing your moves until you get used to them. I occasionally carry them for for self defence. I certainly don't recommend carrying them in public but they are just the right size and weight for tucking away in your ruc-sack. I recently bought the chrome version simply because the blued variety can rust if they get damp. Overall a very good piece of kit and very handy if needed.

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    Posted by Chuckie on 18th Oct 2017

    Firstly, quick postage despite choosing the 3-5 day option. Second, great build quality. They come with a good strong case which opens either end with secure snap fasteners. The nunchaku themselves are made really well. The chain, swivels and telescoping sections are all good and secure: no fear of them falling apart during training. However, they are different to using a standard pair and will take some getting used to. I've had them about a fortnight now and am still learning to train differently with them. The movement keeps them extended so it is necessary to hold them near the end of the handle. I am used to holding mine about halfway up so, you do need to take time to get used to them. I think with another 3 to 4 weeks training with them I will become proficient. Don't hesitate these are a great pair of nunchaku for the price and with a bit of practice will become another notch on your martial arts belt.

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    Posted by richard briggs on 1st Aug 2017

    Was a little suspect of the quality of these at first with the price, I can say they are quite hefty and was impressed overall... So I ordered another pair in black to

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    Posted by William E. Johnson on 3rd Jul 2017

    I had 1 other pair of telescoping nunchaku and they weren't 1/2 as nice as this current pair. Extremely satisfied!

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    Very Happy

    Posted by Philip Blyth on 6th Jun 2017

    Was surprised how good they felt not had a good workout with them yet but feel pretty confident with them.
    Also fit to a small pocket size so very easy to carry around and quick to get out if needed.

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    Posted by kev on 6th Apr 2017

    excellent product very nice and easy to use

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    Cool Nunchaku

    Posted by S MacDonald on 23rd Mar 2017

    I am happy with my purchase, good price and fast delivery. I purchased them more as a novelty item and not for everyday use. These bad boys are heavy (513g) and at 14" extended, pretty long. With the weight and length and the fact that you really need to grip them at the bottom. They are hard to control at speed. The reason you have to hold them at the bottom is because as you move your grip the telescopic parts can move in and out and pinch the skin on your palm. If you want to use them on a regular basis you need to be very experienced. The COOL part is the sound they make.