Blitz Compression Ankle Support

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Lightweight, slip-on, flexible nylon ankle support
Pin-point compression and support where needed
4 way stretch capability for a comfortable fit
Maintains a full range of movement when worn
Immediate relief from ankle pain and injury

Experience immediate relief from ankle pain and injury with the Blitz Compression Ankle Support. This lightweight, slip-on, flexible nylon ankle support can be placed over your foot and ankle much like a sock and provides pin-point compression and support to where you need it most. The four way stretch support is designed to provide superior comfort, support and relief without compromising mobility and maintaining a full range of movement. The tight, form-fitting and breathable compression fabric offers stability, helps improve blood circulation and eases pain. It can also be used to stabilise weak ankles, improve balance and help prevent falls. Perfect for sprains, swelling, arthritis, tendonitis, muscle fatigue and other ankle pain.