Top Ten Kao IFMA Thigh Protector Black

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Introducing the Top Ten Kao IFMA Thigh Protector – Your Ultimate Thai Boxing Companion! Engineered to impeccably meet the exacting demands of combat sports enthusiasts, these thigh protectors stand as your unwavering guardians, ensuring your training remains free from unnecessary injuries.

Impact Diffusion: Kao thigh protectors intercept and diffuse impacts, ensuring safety and uninterrupted progress in training.
Full-Contact Durability: Crafted for Thai boxing, these pads feature rugged synthetic leather for durability in intense sessions.
Individual Movement: Wear protectors individually for versatility in training, allowing one leg to move freely while the other is shielded.
Stylish Two-Tone: The "Kao" design offers both functionality and fashion, making a statement of commitment to excellence.
Secure Fit: Three hook and loop straps ensure a secure fit, while the skin-friendly interior ensures comfort during workouts.
Upholstery Thickness: Approximately 9 cm
Attachment: 3 hook and loop straps for a secure fit
Outer Material: Hard-wearing synthetic leather
Interior: Skin-friendly lining for maximum comfort
Package Includes: A pair of thigh protectors to gear you up for action!