Sandee Supernatural Power Thai Shorts

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The Sandee Supernatural Power shorts are designed with stylish flair & are perfect for both training and competition. Suitable for any combat sport, such as Muay Thai, K1/Kickboxing, Boxing, and MMA to name a few. The shorts are constructed in 100% polyester satin with the highest quality and design engineered in Thailand. The wide elastic band ensures a secure and comfortable fit with no compromise on movement when kicking, performing knee strikes or defensive kicks

he Supernatural Power shorts feature a 3D mesh strip down each side with a raised hip cut to allow extra range of movement.

Waist size guide:

XXS - 24"
XS - 26"
S - 28"
M - 30"
L - 32"
XL - 34"

*** Supernatural Power shorts are measured in Thai sizing, so the waist measurements are smaller than those of our other designs ***