Spirit 3 Foot Filled Vinyl Punch Bag

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Top quality vinyl filled punch / Kick bags at amazing discounts .The SPIRIT range of punch bags are manufactured in the UK to the HIGHEST STANDARDS with a tough vinyl which is anti rip and anti rot proof. Machine filled with four straps, ‘D’ rings and a FREE 'D' Ring Swivel that holds the straps together and the swivel allows the bag to turn naturaly (No need for chains)
It features a zip that can be used to unfil the bag if desired. Used in major Boxing and Kickboxing gyms and clubs throughout Britain! These punch bags are the best value for money that can be found on the market today

Spirit 3 Foot Filled Vinyl Punch Bag are excellent quality at a great price (aprox 22-24kg)

Made in the UK to the HIGHEST STANDARDS

FREE - 'D' Ring Swivel - no need for chains.


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    Posted by roberto john filshie on 6th Mar 2014

    When buying this punch bag I had in mind that I was just looking for a cheap bargain. Thinking to my'self it's vinyl so it will be light and swing about out of control if I was to use it for power punching, loading up e,c,t. But when I received the bag in the post I was really surprised how great the quality of this item is, sure it doesn't have the finish of an leather bag, but apart from that only difference is I save around 100 pound plus it came with all you need to hang the bag to an stand, which usually you have to get separate, happy days.