Blitz Chanbara Sparring Sword

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Designed for training
PVC inner core, foam padding and polycotton skin
Small: 45cm length x 4.5cm diameter x 149g
Medium: 59.5cm length x 4.5cm diameter x 158g
Large: 97cm length x 4.5cm diameter x 235g

Designed for training, the Blitz Chanbara Sparring Sword offers both attacking and defensive qualities, giving the combatant a number of fighting possibilities. The three sizes provide options for younger students, those new to their Martial Art, or even those who wish to experiment with specific skills safely. The lightweight Chanbura is made with a rigid PVC inner core with a flexible tip and foam padding, covered in a smooth, outer skin, polycotton to help eliminate abrasion and chafing. Complete with tsuba for added authenticity.

Small dimensions: 29cm blade. 16cm handle including tsuba. 4.5cm diameter. 149g.
Medium dimensions: 43cm blade. 16.5cm handle including tsuba. 4.5cm diameter. 158g.
Large dimensions: 70.5cm blade. 26.5cm handle including tsuba. 4.5 diameter. 235g.