Blitz Plain Coloured Lightweight Belt

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4cm wide, 6 rows of stitching
Extremely durable
Easy-to-tie design
100% polyester & colour-fast
Ideal for training & grading

Introducing the essential addition to your martial arts kit: the Blitz Plain Coloured Lightweight Belt. This 4cm-wide belt is crafted with six rows of high-quality stitching, ensuring extreme durability, perfect for both training and grading sessions.

Made from 100% polyester, the belt retains its vibrant colour over time, thanks to its colour-fast properties. Its easy-to-tie design offers a secure and snug fit, enabling you to focus solely on your technique and performance.

Choose this highly durable and versatile belt to complement your martial arts journey, effortlessly pairing it with your existing gear for a complete look.

Waist (in) Waist (cm) Recommended Belt Length Times Around Waist
26" 66cm 230cm Twice
28" 71.1cm 230cm Twice
30" 76.2cm 250cm Twice
32" 81.3cm 250cm Twice
34" 86.4cm 280cm Twice
36" 91.4cm 280cm Twice
38" 96.5cm 320cm Twice
40" 101.6cm 320cm Twice
42" 106.7cm 320cm Twice
44" 111.8cm 230cm Once
46" 116.8cm 250cm Once
48" 121.9cm 250cm Once
50" 127cm 280cm Once
52" 132.1cm 280cm Once
54" 137.2cm 280cm Once
56" 142.2cm 280cm Once