Blitz Reversible Block Body Armour

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Reversible body armour - red and blue sides
Suitable for semi contact sparring
Reinforced straps that tie at the back
Ideal for competitions
Made from Nama Hide™ Leather
CE Approved

Reversible body armour, red one side and blue on the other. Body armour is suitable for semi-contact sparring and ideal for competitions. Secured by reinforced straps that tie at the back. Made from Nama Hide™ Leather.

Size Uniform Size / Height Width Length
X-Small 2 / 150cm 32 inches 15.5 inches
Small 3 / 160cm 33 inches 16.5 inches
Medium 4 / 170cm 33.5 inches 17 inches
Large 5 / 180cm 34 inches 17.5 inches
X-Large 6 / 190cm 35 inches 18 inches