BioArmour Machine Wash

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NEW-Machine wash addative - removes smells and bacteria at low temperatures - keeps your Gi's clean, healthy and longer lasting.

BioArmour provides antimicrobial protection for your clothing, towels, footwear & equipment – from the time you apply it, until you next wash it

Biomaster is based on Silver Ion Technology, proven for centuries to be effective at removing harmful and odour causing bacteria, safely and effectively.

BioArmour inhibits the growth of bacteria on clothing in 3 different ways.

Fragrance Free

50ml per sachet

4 Sachets per box (aprox 1-2 months use / dependent on training frequency) 

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What is it ? 
Many Martial Arts Gi's and clothing require a low temperature to avoid shrinkage and / or colour fabric deterioration however this does NOT kill the bacteria that locks into the fabrics.  BIOARMOUR is an antimicrobial clothing additive based on silver Ion 

technology, designed to help reduce bacterial growth by up to 99%.

Keep your sportswear more hygienic and without bacteria build up - there is no embarrassing odour! No Cross infection risk. 

 How does BioArmour work?
BioArmour inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria, in 3 ways.
Silver Ions bind to the cell surface, disrupting the cell wall 
and preventing cell growth.
Silver Ions target cell enzymes preventing energy production.
Silver Ions prevent DNA replication and new cell formation.

How often do i use it?
BioArmour is used in conjunction with your regular washing 
detergent. Simply add the recommended amount to the rinse additive 
or fabric conditioner compartment. Regular use will help build up 
the garments protection against bacteria and odours caused by 
bacteria. BioArmour is not a replacement for detergent: it will not 
remove dirt or stains.

Can i wash my clothing at lower temperatures with BioArmour?
Yes: BioArmour does not rely on high temperatures to inhibit the 
growth of bacteria. Through regular use the bacteria that can be 
trapped within the weave will be inhibited. The use of BioArmour at 
any temperature will leave an active layer of 24/7 protection.

What fabrics can i treat?
BioArmour can be applied to all fiber types both synthetic and 
natural, and to most forms of textile. Not suitable for wool or 
woolen blends.

Is BioArmour safe next to my skin?
Yes: BioArmour does not interfere with the skins natural fauna and is perfectly safe


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    highly recommended

    Posted by Jon Bentley on 24th Jun 2014

    I bought this to treat a BJJ gi that had been stored for a year and then used 3or4 times and had developed a real stink. The 1st wash with Bioarmour and all the stench went, the gi's been used since and even with the cool washes the stench has stayed away. I'd recommend Bioarmour to every martial artist, in fact every sportsman.

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    Excellent results.

    Posted by Jon Bentley on 10th Jun 2014

    I had a gi that had been stored away for almost 12months then worn for 2or3 sessions and was getting quite smelly, normal washing powder wasn't fixing the problem so I tried this. 1 wash all the stench has gone and I have a happy gi once again.

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    So Easy!

    Posted by Steve Pride on 5th Feb 2014

    This is just a brilliant product - I train very hard, and with low washing temperatures these days, it just doesn't seem to kill the smell. This stuff gets thrown in the wash with your kit and boom ! It seems to protect the kit for quite a few washes.

    My wife is now happy to wash my kit - enough said :-)

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    Stupidly good.

    Posted by Dave Mee on 25th Oct 2013

    Put a pair of socks to the test in a pair of old manly walking boots as a tester..
    Worn all day, active work, hot weather..

    Remove boots.. Stink.. Remove socks.. Still Smell clean! How I don't know but this stuff is amazing, I use on all my kit, and the spray in gloves, on shin guards etc. all still smell new after a good 8 months of very sweaty IKMF Krav Maga use.

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    It works.. and works well

    Posted by Santercruz on 7th Sep 2012

    Training T's and bottoms have a very noticable freshness to them.. but here's the crunch.. groin guard. I've got throuh 3 T's and had the same guard.
    This stuff has eliminated the 'nutty' odur altogether... nice.