Sandee Sport Velcro Camo Grey & White Synthetic Leather Boot Shinguard

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The new 2019 Sandee Sport Camo Range has been designed and manufactured with the novice & intermediate participant in mind. Constructed of premium grade synthetic leather outer shell with triple layer of contoured high-density latex foam inner-core system.

The Sandee Sport Slim Shinguard are light in weight and are ideal for speed and manoeuvrability. Full cover piping, open back design, and soft inner foam layer for safety and comfort.

Double full Velcro back-strap closure system with additional elasticated support at the ankle and under-foot for performance, support and ease of on & off.

Water repellent non-slip stretch canvas lining.

100% hand-crafted in Thailand

Available in the all NEW CAMO colours, in x 2 sizes:

S/M – 5'5" to 5'10" (weight per shinguard is 250g. Length from top of foot to top of shin is 14")
L/XL – 5'11" + (weight per shinguard is 280g. Length from top of foot to top of shin is 15")