Blitz Wall Mountable Target Pad

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Spring-loaded, soft padded, kick target paddle
Allows for fast rebound and high impact hits
Ideal for home, club and gym use
Wipe-clean PVC with foam core
Total length: 50cm / wood screws included

The Blitz Wall Mountable Target Pad is a spring-loaded, soft padded, kick paddle that mounts to a wall. The spring-loaded pad allows for a fast rebound and is perfect for absorbing those high impact hits. Designed for practicing light sparring accuracy and quick striking techniques, the target pad is ideal for home, club and gym use. Wipe-clean PVC with foam core. Total length: 50cm. Paddle: 39cm long x 21cm widest point. Spring/wall mount: 11cm long. Wood screws included. Concrete screws and plugs will need to be purchased separately.