Fairtex F Day 2 Desert Operation Boxing Gloves

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BGV25 Fairtex F-Day 2 Desert Operation Boxing Gloves
Limited edition glove design from Fairtex made using Microfiber for the outer shell to make a consistent weight.

Microfiber is odourless, endurable, flexible, soft and a smooth finish. As it's a non-leather material, it's vegan friendly.

Comes in a collectors box with a FREE Shemagh scarf, engraved Fairtex Dog-Tag chain necklace and also covering letter explaining the concept behind these gloves and their design.

Longer cuff than classic BGV1 which provides comfort and wrist support. Also has a grip bar and holes on the inside thumb and above grip bar for added ventilation.

Premium Micro Fibre
Vegan friendly
Free Dog-Tag chain
Free Shemagh