Rogue Leather Grapple And Strike Sparmaster MMA Training Gloves

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These awesome LEATHER gloves have been designed specifically for full-contact MMA training and are perfect for athletes gearing themselves towards professional level training. 
The Sparmaster glove design is based upon the best-selling Rogue Compeition Pro Series gloves, but the design has been adapted to allow for all-out sparring whilst still maintaining all of the essential design elements that have made the Competition Pro Series gloves an industry leader.

A new concept in Mixed Martial Arts glove design!
Designed specifically for full-contact Mixed Martial Arts training.
Design based upon the best-selling Rogue Competition Pro Series gloves.
Padding designed to offer maximum protection whilst still maintaining minimum possible glove size.
Padding offers the same level of protection on the striking surface as a 14oz (small and medium sizes) or 16oz (large & XL sizes) boxing glove – but without the bulk and with the ability to still grapple!
Streamlined padding helps reduce your hands being ‘trapped-up' whilst grappling.
Incorporates the famous Rogue TRI-WRAP™ wrist wrap system - offering the best combination of durability and support (patent pending).
Open-palm design for maximum control whilst grappling or throwing.
Free-thumbed design for optimum dexterity.
Special lining draws sweat away from the hands.
Designed specifically for Mixed-Martial Arts and Ultimate Fighting use.
Manufactured from the highest-quality leathers.
The ideal gloves for people looking to train hard or to take their training to the next level.
Spar harder and for longer with added protection of the Rogue Sparmaster!
Approved by the British Association of Mixed Martial Arts for professional level full-contact training