Venum Logos Short Sleeve Rash Guard

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The Venum Logos short sleeved Rashguard is designed for intense grappling and NoGI workouts. Moderate compression improves blood circulation and muscle tone, while allowing total freedom of movement. The silicone banded waistline prevents the rashguard from slipping during even an athletes most explosive movements. Comfort and durability are balanced perfectly thanks to reinforced “seamless" flat seams that avoid any friction or irritation to the skin. Its design traces the evolution of Logos Venum over time. A fan favourite!

Material: 87% Polyester - 13% Elastane
Compression system: improves circulation to stressed muscles and speeds up recovery time
Impressions sublimated in the fabric for maximum durability
Internal and external "Seamless" seams to prevent chafing
Rubber band located at the waistline
Bodycon skin-feel fit
Also available with Long Sleeves