Bad Boy X Train Compression T Shirt

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T-shirt Bad Boy Bad Boy X-Train Compression short sleeve

The t-shirt Compression Bad Boy X-Train is made with ergonomic flat seams and fabric ultra stretch that will block you in every movement.

Designed as a t-shirt for training, helps you to improve your athletic performance before, during and after your workout, thanks to its property of compression

First: its lightweight fabric improves air flow where you need it most, helping you maintain optimum body temperature when it heats up.
During: bring optimum support to the muscle core active and it allows a total freedom of movement.
After: apply the perfect pressure on the chest and arms to improve the circulation of blood and speed up the recovery time.
Built with fabric quick drying, the t-shirt Compression Bad Boy X-Train destroys the sweat during exercise. Dry and comfortable, stay focused on your goal and even go beyond it.

This t-shirt has a line of mesh in areas of high temperature to offer a lightweight feel and breathable.


Composition: 90% polyester 10% elastane
Compression can bring the support to the muscle and improve the circulation of blood
Construction 4 ways, which allows you total mobility in any direction for a freedom that is exceptional move
The fabric is fast drying allows you to dry off during the workout
Mesh panels for enhanced breathability, no matter how hard you work
The inside is smooth and soft that provides unparalleled comfort
Flat seams for a smooth feel on the skin
Pocket zipper for secure storage during your workout