Cold Steel Training Staff

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Since 1980, when he first read Guru Dan Inosanto’s book, “The Filipino Martial Arts�, our President, Lynn C. Thompson, has diligently studied and trained in these disciplines. Lynn’s extensive sparing experiences, combined with his study and training had an immeasurable impact in shaping Cold Steel into the company it is today. Our brand new Cold Steel Escrima Stick resembles a traditional rattan stick in length, weight, and cross section, it is however, much more durable because it is injection molded from super tough black polypropylene. It measures 32� long and is 1� in diameter and weighs a little over 15 ounces. Unlike rattan, it resists mildew, and won’t dry out, warp, crack splinter or shrink, and with the use of a saw, it can easily be modified to any length. Plus, like our baseball bats, Bokken, and African Walking Stick, it is easy to clean and is so resistant to impact stresses and the elements, that it is virtually unbreakable and practically indestructible. Weight 15.6oz Width Diameter 1" Overall 32"Sold only for martial arts training under expert supervision in a closed environment - or collection/display purposes. Not to be purchased by Under 18's. We may request ID before shipping


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    Cold Steel Octagonal Bo

    Posted by RupertG on 21st Sep 2016

    I bought one of their original Tantos back in 1986 (in California) and so have been a loyal Cold Steel customer now for thirty years.
    I must say they have not let me down yet, and the new bo - or Training Staff as they like to call it - is no exception.
    It is octagonal in cross-section and measures exactly 1.372m long (4'6"), tapering very slightly from 36mm down to 32mm - measured across the flat sides. It is smoothly finished with a light wood texture and feels weighty, with a slight spring to it. I can easily put all my 13 stone + on it - held to the floor at an angle - and it snaps back into shape instantly.
    Although it is short, the hefty nature of this bo means that it is great for working out and it will have you sweating bullets in no time.
    Although I have not really hauled off and smacked something with it yet, I am positive that it will do major damage to anything short of a fire hydrant. It is, to all intents and purposes, unbreakable. Trust me, I have one of their bats - made from the same weapons-grade polypropylene - and I know what that bad boy can do!
    Just in case you're interested in taking it hiking, a 32mm rubber ferrule fits perfectly on the slim end, but will need to be hot-glued if you want it to stay there.
    I can recommend this product without reservation.
    Have fun and try not to get arrested!