Blitz Training Butterfly Knife

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Training Butterfly Knife to practice safely
Opens, closes and flips smoothly
10cm long and 3mm thick unsharpened blade
12cm long handle for a strong and rigid grip
Stainless steel for perfect balance and weight

The Blitz Training Butterfly Knife is great for learning how to use a real butterfly knife safely, without injuring, bruising or cutting your hands. The unsharpened blade allows beginners to stay out of danger when practicing and features four weight-reducing, precision drilled, holes. The knife blade and T-bar at the bottom of the handle are screw-mounted so, the training knife can be flipped smoothly and also folded away easily after use. Made from a heavy, long lasting, stainless steel to provide the perfect balance and weight. Strong and rigid grip when held. Dimensions: 10cm long and 3mm thick blade. 12cm long handle. Dimensions when closed: 13.5cm long and 3cm widest part. 167g.

Please note that this product is not for sale to people under the age of 18. By placing an order for this product, you declare that you are 18 years of age or older. This item is a practice training aid only and should not be used for contact training. Any damage incurred through misuse of this item is the sole responsibility of the customer and will invalidate its warranty and returns policy. Some payment methods will not be available for the purchase of weapons.