Blitz Plastic Kunai Knife

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For training drills and demonstrations
Designed to look and feel as realistic as possible
Small ring to pull when in need of weapon
Polypropylene plastic reduces the risk of injury
15cm blade and 15cm handle / 75g

The kunai is known for being discreetly hidden against the body and being held in the fist during hand to hand combat, making it easy to throw at a target. The Blitz Plastic Kunai Knife is the perfect training aid for Martial Artists to practice just this, along with developing their throwing skills. Made from virtually unbreakable polypropylene plastic, the kunai knife is designed to be realistic in terms of weight, size and balance; however, greatly reduces the level of injury to you, your training partner or other equipment during this type of practice. Featuring a solid grip handle and inscribed detailing along the blade, the knife is slightly flexible allowing for better shock absorption. Designed for pulling out when in need of a quick weapon, the small ring at the end of the knife is for users to fit their finger inside, providing a strong grip. Dimensions: 15cm blade and 15cm handle. Total length: 30cm. 75g.