Blitz Plastic Fighting Axe

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For training and self-defence techniques
Designed to look and feel as realistic as possible
Detailed skull and crossbones are featured
Polypropylene plastic reduces the risk of injury
57cm long x 26cm widest point / 665g

The Blitz Plastic Fighting Axe is perfect for training drills, self-defence techniques and demonstrations. Made from virtually unbreakable polypropylene plastic, the axe is designed to be of similar weight, size and balance of a live fighting axe; however, greatly reduces the level of injury to you, your training partner or other equipment during this type of practice. The axe is slightly flexible allowing for better shock absorption when striking hard objects or sparring with other training weapons. An incredibly detailed skull and crossbones are featured along the blade. Dimensions: 57cm long x 26cm widest point. Blade length: 14cm. 665g.