Blitz Plastic Escrima Sticks

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Ideal for beginners and juniors to practice
Practice blocking and counter attacks
Elaborate carving details and bamboo joints
Polypropylene plastic reduces the risk of injury
Sold as a pair / 70.5cm long / 240g each

Practice blocking and counter attacks with ease, the Blitz Escrima Sticks are an ideal option when attempting new techniques or for intense sparring. Great for younger students, those new to their Martial Art or even those who wish to experiment with specific skills, before using the traditional wooden alternative. Made from virtually unbreakable polypropylene plastic, the plastic escrima sticks are designed to be realistic in terms of weight, size and balance; however, greatly reduce the level of injury to you, your training partner or other equipment during this type of practice. Features elaborate carving details and bamboo joints. Sold as a pair. Total length: 70.5cm. 240g each.