Blitz Aluminium Butterfly Swords

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Single edged butterfly sword
Used in several Chinese Martial Arts
Rubber handle for a secure and solid grip
Smooth, weighted, aluminium blade
39cm blade with 11cm handle / Sold as a pair

Butterfly swords are used in several Chinese Martial Arts, most notably Wing Chun, Hung Ga and Choy Li Fut. They are regarded to hold the most versatility and balance, of offensive and defensive capabilities, of any Chinese weapon. A single edged sword, the butterfly sword is approximately the length of a human forearm to allow for greater manoeuvrability when spinning and rotating during close-quarters fighting. Made from a smooth, weighted, aluminium, the blade features an engraved butterfly on either side. The rubber handle provides a secure and solid grip when held. Total length is 50cm, with a 39cm blade and 11cm handle. Sold as a pair. 800g each.