Blitz Professional Boxing Hand Tape Box Of 12

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Boxing hand tape perfect for hand wrapping
For rigid support and immobilisation of injuries
Serrated edge to apply to skin easily
Woven tape backed in zinc oxide and latex adhesive
12 rolls per box / 13.7m long x 2.4cm wide

A box of 12 rolls of non-stretchy, multi-purpose professional Boxing hand tape that provides rigid support and immobilisation of injuries, as well as being used for additional grip, blister protection and hand wrapping. The strong, flexible tape is soft and smooth, with a serrated edge that's easy to tear when applying to the skin. Made from a woven fabric tape backed with a zinc oxide and latex adhesive. Roll dimensions: 13.7m long x 2.4cm wide. Box dimensions: 16.3cm high x 23.6cm wide