Spirit Leather Thai Pads With Senior Leather MMA Gloves

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Set includes
x1 Pair of leather thai pads

x1 Pair of leather mma gloves ( Senior )

These great gloves have been 100% custom made for Mixed-Martial Arts and is amongst the best that you will find anywhere in the World - and at a price rarely seen for a glove of this quality.

This outstanding open-palmed glove incorporates the unique patent-pending TRI-WRAP wrist wrap system (exclusive to Rogue) that offers outstanding support and holds fast throughout the toughest of workouts.

Manufactured from the finest leathers, and available in a range of colours, this great glove offers both a fantastic product along with outstanding value. Outstanding!

Spirit Delux Leather Thai Pads are our Best selling Thai Pad -Superior quality at a great price

Superior design - Extra long velcro strap for secure handling