Pair Of Red Spirit Leather Thai Pads With Rogue Leather MMA Gloves

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Set includes 
X2 Spirit Sports Deluxe Leather Thai Pads

X1 Senior Rogue Competition Pro Series MMA Gloves

Spirit Sports Delux Leather Thai Pad

Spirit Delux Leather Thai Pads are our Best selling Thai Pad -Superior quality at a great price
Superior design - Extra long velcro strap for secure handling
40cm x 20cm x 10cm.

Rogue Competition Pro Series MMA Gloves

These great gloves have been 100% custom made for Mixed-Martial Arts and is amongst the best that you will find anywhere in the World - and at a price rarely seen for a glove of this quality.

This outstanding open-palmed glove incorporates the unique patent-pending TRI-WRAP wrist wrap system (exclusive to Rogue) that offers outstanding support and holds fast throughout the toughest of workouts.

Manufactured from the finest leathers, and available in a range of colours, this great glove offers both a fantastic product along with outstanding value. Outstanding!

Product Details:
Formed multi-layer foam insert
Free-thumb design Tri-Wrap wrist wrap system
Open-palm DesignMoisture wicking lining
Premium leather constructionStriking fire design!
Geared towards MMA competition and full contact sparring