Shop Seconds Blitz Ninja Uniform

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Wrap over jacket incorporating secret pocket
Trousers have calf ties and waistband ties
Includes hood, gauntlets, hand cover gloves and bl
100% cotton
220gsm (8oz)
Traditional Ninja suit for students and instructors. Customary wrap over jacket incorporating a secret pocket. Jacket includes ties on both sides of the body. Trousers include calf ties and waistband ties. Sold as a complete set: hood (inner and outer), jacket, trousers, gauntlets, hand cover gloves and black sash belt. Perfect for the traditional Ninjutsu practitioner; or can be used as a fancy dress Ninja costume. 100% cotton. 220gsm (8oz).

Uniforms are shop seconds. Some have missing items. Listed below

1 = Shop Seconds Ninja Uniform 160cm. No Gloves
2 = Shop Seconds Ninja Uniform 160cm. No gauntlet no head
3 = Shop Seconds Ninja Uniform 200cm. Jacket And Trousers Only
4 = Shop Seconds Ninja Uniform 190cm. No Sash

Uniforms are non returnable