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Martial Arts Tricking The Spectacular New Craze

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A new breed of martial artist is starting to hit the streets, with acrobatic skills and moves that mirror or actually outmanoeuvre the martial arts film stuntmen. Tricking is the new extreme martial art that is becoming more popular all over the globe. As well as being an essential for self defence and thrilling combat sports, martial arts can also be spectacular to watch or perform. There are martial arts styles that may not be that efficient and practical for modern self defence, but are very acrobatic with lots of spectacular kicks and jumping techniques. These are the type of techniques that you see in the martial arts movies. It is a generation of martial artists that have grown up watching Jackie Chan films and TV series like the Power Rangers that have been inspired to emulate their heroes.

But now these spectacular martial arts moves are coming to a street near you. Tricking is not a new phenomenon, but has been growing steadily over a number of years. Tricking involves a blend of spectacular martial arts moves, gymnastics and parkour. Tricksters use moves from martial arts such as taekwondo from Korea, Brazilian capoeira and Chinese wushu. Combine this with moves from gymnastics and acrobatics and you have tricksters taking their martial arts skills to the extreme. It was from taekwondo practitioners that the sport of tricking started to grow. The Korean art has lots of high flying kicking techniques that form the basic moves of a tricksters arsenal. These acrobatic kicks are taken too extremes, using them in combos like a character from a video game.

Tricking is still an underground sport, where the tricksters would meet up in gyms or parks to practise their moves and come up with even more adventurous tricks. Unlike more mainstream martial arts, there is no organised instruction or grading system. Most tricksters are self taught, trying out moves they have seen done on YouTube or tricking websites. But tricksters started to perform teams amongst themselves and in some areas you will find that more experienced tricksters will offer coaching to newcomers to the sport. There are even break-dance style throw-downs that sees individuals or trickster teams will face off against each other in competition to see who is the most extreme.

What makes tricking very appealing is that it is completely free of rules or set style. A trickster is only governed by his or her imagination and what they can physically do. They can be as creative as they want to be.

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