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How to Box 15 Basic Tips

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If you are thinking of taking up boxing, whether to compete in the ring, or just to get in shape, there are a few basic tips that you should be aware of before you start training.

1) Relax

The first time you step foot in to a boxing gym it can be quite an intimidating experience, the same as trying anything new. So, just relax, stay calm and try not to tense up too much when you start the training.

2) Do not skimp on the warm up!

A good boxing gym will put you through a vigorous warm up. This will include things like shadow boxing and skipping and will be used to get your lungs working and your heart pumping blood to your muscles to prepare them for training. If you are new to training, take the warm up at your own pace. Your fitness will improve quickly the more you train. Just try to push yourself a bit more each time you step into the gym.

3) Drink up

Make sure you drink plenty of water during your training, you don’t want to risk becoming dehydrated.

4) Focus

When you are hitting the heavy bags, do not punch yourself out of gas. Concentrate on keeping good form and a good pace that will allow you to get more rounds in.

5) Use your whole body

When you throw a punch, remember to use your whole body not just your arms. The power in your punches comes from your legs and whole body turning into the punch.

6) Jab

Never neglect training your jab. It may not be a big knockout punch, but a good boxer can use his jab to devastating effect.

7) Mix it up

Not every punch that you throw has to be a knockout one. If you try to throw too many big punches you are only going to tire yourself quickly. Mix up the punches you throw, use short hooks and uppercuts and do not forget to use your jab to frustrate your opponent.

8) Body blows

Remember to target your opponents body as well as their head. If you are just going to be aiming to throw headshots all the time, you will become too predictable and opponents will have no trouble countering you.

9) Combos

Keep your punch combinations simple until you gain more experience. Combinations of 3 or 5 punches are good enough for now. Until you gain more experience you are just going to waste energy trying to throw bigger, more complicated combinations.

10) Breathe

Don’t forget to breath when you are in the ring. A habit beginners often have is that they hold their breath when facing an opponent. Doing this is only going to cause you to tense up and that is the last thing you want to be doing in the ring.

11) Never take your eyes off an opponent

It can be hard for a novice to keep their eyes open when a flurry of punches are aimed at their head, but it is imperative that you do and you are always going to be looking for opportunities to hit your opponent.

12) Train at your own pace

If you are sparring and you start to get overwhelmed, you can always ask your sparring partner to slow down the pace a bit. A good training partner will always be willing to help and encourage a beginner to the sport.

13) Don’t dance

Don’t waste your time and energy dancing around the ring during sparring. You want to use your footwork to your advantage, getting out of dancer when needed and going on the offensive when the time is right.

14) Go on the offensive

Don’t always wait for your opponent to throw a punch so you can counter back. Always keep busy making yourself a hard to hit target and throwing punches when you see the opportunity.

15) Keep your chin down and your hands up

It may sound a bit of a boxing cliché but it is probably the most important tip you can take into the ring. Having a solid guard is so important in boxing, but you will still see professional fighters get caught because their defence was week.

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