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6 Deadly Martial Arts

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There are many different types of martial arts and they all have their strengths and weaknesses, but which have the techniques that have the capacity to seriously injure or kill an opponent? Just which martial arts are the most deadly?

1) Sambo

Sambo is the Russian grappling martial art that can be traced back to the 1920s. It was first taught to the Russian military and police and then evolved into an international sport. There are two sides to sambo training, sport sambo and combat sambo which is still taught to the Russian military today. What makes sambo so effective is the brutal chokes and joint locks that the sambo fighter has in their repertoire. The art has particularly devastating leg locks that can cripple those on the receiving end.

2) Muay Thai

The art of eight limbs is one of the most explosive and deadly martial arts on the planet. A Muay Thai fighter will not only use lightning fast punches and kicks to attack an opponent , but also knees and elbows to attack with devastating effect. Although this ancient martial art has evolved into a spectacular combat sport, it is still a highly effective and dangerous martial art.

3) Marine Corps Martial Arts Program

A martial art devised by one of the world’s most renowned fighting forces: the US Marine Corps. It began in 2001 and teaches martial arts techniques together with close quarter combat skills. The marines train to use “any weapon”; that means not only the techniques from various martial arts, but also how to use anything as a weapon such as a bayonet or rifle butt, or anything else that comes to hand. One of the only fighting systems that really does train students to kill if the need arises.

4) Silat

This is a martial art that originated from the Indonesian and Malay areas as a way to protect themselves from invading forces. The silat fighter strikes at the body’s soft areas such as the eyes, throat and internal organs. The fighter will use trips and throws to take their opponent down to the ground, where they will attack them with well aimed and lightning fast strikes.

5) Escrima

Escrima, or Kali as it is also known is a Filipino martial art that is famous for its use of weapons. The Escrimador actually first start their training using the escrima sticks before training knife drills and empty hands techniques. The fighters attack with lightning fast strikes whether holding a weapon or using their fists. First they attack and aim to destroy any limb that is used to strike, or carries a weapon, then take their opponent to the ground and finish the attack with strikes to the head and body.

6) Krav Maga

The fighting art that was devised for the men and women of the Israeli Defence Force. A realistic fighting system that has been tested on the battlefield. This is a martial art that has no sporting applications; it is a pure fighting art, aimed at neutralizing an opponent with strikes to the body’s most vulnerable areas. It is a fighting art with surprisingly few techniques and it does not take a lifetime of training to become competent. But it is extremely effective, even against multiple or armed attackers.